Info screen

info screen 520x370 - Info screen
  • Perfect for integrated information sharing

    As part of Primas FlexAir® access control it is possible to manage and show information through digital info screens. The housing association or the company can personalize the info screens through a wide range of design and content possibilities, in terms of resident listings, text boxes, messages, Iframes (websites), video, images, etc.

  • A digital and vandal proof solution

    It is quick and easy to share information with residents or visitors through digital displays. With digital information sharing, all loose letters and manual notes on message boards are avoided. Prima offers a 21.5” screen as standard model, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

  • Part of a complete access control system

    It is possible to integrate the info screen driver into the FlexAir® access control system with e.g. readers, booking terminals, third-party door communication systems, etc. This information can be synchronized across different devices, which means that resident names are updated on all platforms.