Keep track of traffic

parking traffic light 520x370 - Traffic control
  • Traffic light management and access control

    Keep track of who uses your parking spaces, garages, or other logistic areas with FlexAir® access control. By connecting traffic lights to FlexAir® you can regulate and manage access to spaces with many passing vehicles or narrow access conditions. The traffic lights are controlled automatically by the FlexAir® access control system, which keeps track of who enters your spaces and when.

  • Same software platform

    Prima’s traffic management is based on the same software as all of the other access control solutions. This provide a quick overview and easy access to all functions in one place – a great advantage for the administrator.

  • Access through tag/card or remote control

    It is possible to use access tags or cards to enter the parking space if an ordinary reader is installed. However, it is also possible use a remote control that can be read by a remote control reader from a distance of up to 25 meters. This way the driver does not have get out of the car or roll down the window.