Digital mailboxes

EP Digital postkasser closeup DE - Digital mailboxes
  • An integrated part of FlexAir®

    Everything can be integrated with FlexAir®, even mailboxes. With Prima’s FlexAir® and EP Digital mailboxes, your building will be smarter, safer and save costs. The system is perfect for dynamic and modern buildings with changing users.

  • Easy administration online

    With digital mailboxes there is no need to replace physical name plates or keys. The mailboxes’ LCD name displays with user names and apartment numbers can quickly be updated in the Nova software. Users gain access to the mailboxes with the same key tag they use at all other FlexAir® readers in the building. They just need to scan their tag at the Nexus reader beside the mailboxes and their designated mailbox will unlock.

  • The future mailbox

    Say goodbye to traditional key systems, physical name plates and bulky administration with EP Digital mailboxes. Users only need a single key tag for door communication, access control and mailboxes. The mailboxes are automatically updated in pace with all other FlexAir® elements, making the entire system intuitive for both users and administration today and in the future.