Offline readers

nexus offline 520x370 - Offline readers
  • Perfect for secondary doors

    Offline readers are a good solution if you want easy, quick and secure access with just one installation. Offline readers are normally used to secure secondary doors or doors located inside the building, such as doors to individual offices, server rooms, storage rooms, technical rooms, cellars, bike sheds, cabinets and tool compartments. Offline readers are an integrated part of the system and are administrated with Nova® software.

  • Regularly use of the online reader

    To ensure a high level of security and to update the users’ tags and cards with the newest information about which offline doors they have access to, the users need to regularly use a door with an online reader. It is therefore a good idea to use online readers at main doors and offline readers at secondary doors. The system can be set up to reset access rights every midnight, week, month or other time interval. When access rights are reset, users must update their tags and cards at an online reader, before they regain acess rights for offline doors. This feature helps ensure that tags and cards do not have access to places they no longer have rights to.

  • Several types of offline readers

    Prima offers several types of offline readers; SensoLock® cylinder lock, EvoLock® battery-driven handle, Nexus MO reader, cabinet locks and others. Almost all of the offline readers only require batteries, which makes for simple installation.