booking 2 - Booking
  • A brilliant booking system

    The booking module makes it possible to reserve facilities on specific days and periods. All kinds of facilities can be assigned and booked through the user-friendly calendar page – only the imagination limits the use of this smart booking module.

  • Secure access

    Through the web-based software, users can easily book facilities for the desired time period. When a facility is booked, it is only the user who booked the facility whose access tag works in the given period. This makes sure that the facility is available for the user as planned.

  • Booking through different devices

    As the system is 100% browser-based, it is possible to book from a smartphone, tablet or PC. This way you can book a sports court without being present at the sports field. In addition, the booking module can run separate in terminal mode, which requires only a touch screen and a connected Nexus-reader.