hængelås 3PRIMA2 - Padlocks

Padlocks – Secure, economical and reusable

One of the advantages of the padlocks with the SensoLock® reader is that it is not necessary to change the padlock due to lost access tags or cards. This is why the padlocks from Prima offer the perfect solution for areas where several users need to have access or areas where there is a need to change the padlocks on a recurrent basis; such as bike sheds, basements, garages containers and construction sites. Through a simple procedure in the Nova software, it is possible to reset the readers and thereby erase all the associated smart access tags at the same time. This procedure makes it easy to reuse the padlocks in either the same area or somewhere else. It is possible to limit the access to a certain time frame, and also to assign different access rights to different people. The electronic padlock is both secure, cost efficient and reusable.