cards and tags nexus - Nexus Online Reader

Nexus online reader – High security level

Prima’s online Nexus readers are some of the key components within the FlexAir® system, and are essential to use in order to be able to deliver the high security level that FlexAir® warrants. The online Nexus readers are connected to the core of the system – the Alpha central. The central will automatically update the readers with the most recent access rights. When an access tag or card is placed in front of the reader, the central will determine whether the tag or card has access while saving the event in its event log. Logged events will appear in the Nova software immediately afterwards.

The online Nexus is the optimal reader for doors with high traffic and/or high security needs. These readers are often used at main entrances, staff entrances and main doorways. The Nexus reader will clearly indicate if the users’ tag or card has access or not by using a sound signal as well as a red/green LED light. The backlights also ensure that you can always see the reader clearly regardless of the time of day.