All request can be met

all requests can be met - All request can be met
  • Extended functions

    A central’s basic functionality can be extended with a customised function module, developed in the programming language Python. Python scripts are controlled by the ’brain’ of the system – the Alpha central.

    These scripts tell the central how to act if predefined events happen. The central might be programmed to open more doors, activate an alarm, set security locks at specific times, etc.

  • Built-in and user-developed scripts

    Some features are built into the Alpha central, including common events, such as “open and lock”, ”toggle mode” and so on. In other cases, it may be necessary to develop individual scripts customized to needs and desires.

  • With scripts, anything is possible

    With scripts it is possible to programme almost everything. Prima has extensive experience with Python scripts and can program the functions to meet your needs and specifications.