Elevator control

  • Elevator control of the future

    Prima’s elevator solution is an innovative way of combining access control with elevators. With elevator control you always know who has access to your elevators, which greatly enhances security. The system is controlled by Prima Elevator Controllers that can control up to 10 elevator destinations per unit.

  • Elevators controlled through software

    The Elevator Controller is managed through the Nova software. Here you can easily change users’ access rights without involving the elevator company as well as gaining a quick overview of who uses the elevators and when. This makes your life easier in addition to saving you both time and money.

  • Limited access

    With the Nova software it is possible to manage individual access rights so different users can access the different floors relevant to them. In an apartment building it is even possible to give a visitor to a specific apartment access only to that apartment’s floor.


  • A brilliant booking system

    The booking module makes it possible to reserve facilities on specific days and periods. All kinds of facilities can be assigned and booked through the user-friendly calendar page – only the imagination limits the use of this smart booking module.

  • Secure access

    Through the web-based software, users can easily book facilities for the desired time period. When a facility is booked, it is only the user who booked the facility whose access tag works in the given period. This makes sure that the facility is available for the user as planned.

  • Booking through different devices

    As the system is 100% browser-based, it is possible to book from a smartphone, tablet or PC. This way you can book a sports court without being present at the sports field. In addition, the booking module can run separate in terminal mode, which requires only a touch screen and a connected Nexus-reader.

Access from your cell phone

  • A simple phone call opens the gate or door

    With Prima’s GSM gateway it is possible to open a gate or door simply by sending a text message or calling from your phone. A resident or receptionist can smoothly let a visitor into the building without being near the entrance.

  • Wide applicability

    The GSM gateway can be used in many different situations. A business with many temporary visitors might find the phone based system preferable to the traditional tags and cards.

  • Easy software management

    In the Nova software the users’ phone numbers are set as access providers in the same way as the regular access tags and cards. If a phone number is registered in the Nova software, the GSM gateway will unlock the door or gate when receiving a message.

Design your own access cards

  • Individual cards

    Prima’s card design module enables you to design your own access cards with images, logos, titles, and more. Through the Nova software, a PDF file can be printed directly onto cards, which allows for limitless customization.

  • Easy identification and high security

    Individual cards ensure easy identification and high security in places where many people pass. Time limited access cards for guests or others can be printed quickly and easy.

All requests can be met

  • Extended functions

    A central’s basic functionality can be extended with a customised function module, developed in the programming language Python. Python scripts are controlled by the ’brain’ of the system – the Alpha central.

    These scripts tell the central how to act if predefined events happen. The central might be programmed to open more doors, activate an alarm, set security locks at specific times, etc.

  • Built-in and user-developed scripts

    Some features are built into the Alpha central, including common events, such as “open and lock”, ”toggle mode” and so on. In other cases, it may be necessary to develop individual scripts customized to needs and desires.

  • With scripts, anything is possible

    With scripts it is possible to programme almost everything. Prima has extensive experience with Python scripts and can program the functions to meet your needs and specifications.

Keep track of traffic

  • Traffic light management and access control

    Keep track of who uses your parking spaces, garages, or other logistic areas with FlexAir® access control. By connecting traffic lights to FlexAir® you can regulate and manage access to spaces with many passing vehicles or narrow access conditions. The traffic lights are controlled automatically by the FlexAir® access control system, which keeps track of who enters your spaces and when.

  • Same software platform

    Prima’s traffic management is based on the same software as all of the other access control solutions. This provide a quick overview and easy access to all functions in one place – a great advantage for the administrator.

  • Access through tag/card or remote control

    It is possible to use access tags or cards to enter the parking space if an ordinary reader is installed. However, it is also possible use a remote control that can be read by a remote control reader from a distance of up to 25 meters. This way the driver does not have get out of the car or roll down the window.

Alarm integration

  • Many options

    Alarm integration allows users with assigned access rights to connect and/or disconnect the alarm zones with their access card through the online readers. The administrator also has rights to a detailed log of changes to the alarm mode in the form of system events, which can be printed in need of documentation.

  • Alarm updates with interactive guides

    With Prima’s alarm integration you can keep track of which doors are blocked due to an activated alarm zone through interactive floor plan drawings in the Nova software. It is also possible to activate and deactivate the zones in the software.

  • A professional solution

    Several alarm systems from different manufactures can be controlled at one time, which makes Prima’s access control on of the most secure and innovative solution within alarm and access control.

Offline readers

  • Perfect for secondary doors

    Offline readers are a good solution if you want easy, quick and secure access with just one installation. Offline readers are normally used to secure secondary doors or doors located inside the building, such as doors to individual offices, server rooms, storage rooms, technical rooms, cellars, bike sheds, cabinets and tool compartments. Offline readers are an integrated part of the system and are administrated with Nova® software.

  • Regularly use of the online reader

    To ensure a high level of security and to update the users’ tags and cards with the newest information about which offline doors they have access to, the users need to regularly use a door with an online reader. It is therefore a good idea to use online readers at main doors and offline readers at secondary doors. The system can be set up to reset access rights every midnight, week, month or other time interval. When access rights are reset, users must update their tags and cards at an online reader, before they regain acess rights for offline doors. This feature helps ensure that tags and cards do not have access to places they no longer have rights to.

  • Several types of offline readers

    Prima offers several types of offline readers; SensoLock® cylinder lock, EvoLock® battery-driven handle, Nexus MO reader, cabinet locks and others. Almost all of the offline readers only require batteries, which makes for simple installation.

Digital mailboxes

  • An integrated part of FlexAir®

    Everything can be integrated with FlexAir®, even mailboxes. With Prima’s FlexAir® and EP Digital mailboxes, your building will be smarter, safer and save costs. The system is perfect for dynamic and modern buildings with changing users.

  • Easy administration online

    With digital mailboxes there is no need to replace physical name plates or keys. The mailboxes’ LCD name displays with user names and apartment numbers can quickly be updated in the Nova software. Users gain access to the mailboxes with the same key tag they use at all other FlexAir® readers in the building. They just need to scan their tag at the Nexus reader beside the mailboxes and their designated mailbox will unlock.

  • The future mailbox

    Say goodbye to traditional key systems, physical name plates and bulky administration with EP Digital mailboxes. Users only need a single key tag for door communication, access control and mailboxes. The mailboxes are automatically updated in pace with all other FlexAir® elements, making the entire system intuitive for both users and administration today and in the future.

Info screen

  • Perfect for integrated information sharing

    As part of Primas FlexAir® access control it is possible to manage and show information through digital info screens. The housing association or the company can personalize the info screens through a wide range of design and content possibilities, in terms of resident listings, text boxes, messages, Iframes (websites), video, images, etc.

  • A digital and vandal proof solution

    It is quick and easy to share information with residents or visitors through digital displays. With digital information sharing, all loose letters and manual notes on message boards are avoided. Prima offers a 21.5” screen as standard model, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

  • Part of a complete access control system

    It is possible to integrate the info screen driver into the FlexAir® access control system with e.g. readers, booking terminals, third-party door communication systems, etc. This information can be synchronized across different devices, which means that resident names are updated on all platforms.

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