Offline reader

Offline readers

Prima access control has a wide range of offline solutions e.g. wall-mounted readers, electronic lock cylinders, handles and padlocks.


Elevator control

Prima access control also includes elevator control, where the different floor destinations and access rights can be administrated via the Nova software.



Prima access control system can be expanded with a booking system, which can be accessed via a web browser or Prima’s own booking terminal.

Info screen

Info screen

Prima access control can be combined with info screens. Hereby it is easy to update content on the digital screens via the web based Nova software.

parking garage

Keep track of traffic

Prima access control can also manage traffic flow and parking access in parking areas via Prima’s parking and traffic light controller.


Access from your cellphone

Prima access control allows users to grant access to gates or doors in a building via their cellphone. This can be achieved with a GSM solution.


All requests can be met

Prima access control is an open platform, which can be developed to a specific need. With python scripting it is possible to develop a unique script that makes special functions possible.


Alarm integration

Prima access control can integrate third-party alarm systems and show interactive floor plans with the different alarm zones.

digital mailbox

Digital mailboxes

Prima access control can be combined with digital mailboxes. Digital name-displays and electronic locks can be administrated via the Nova software.

design access cards

Design your own cards

Prima access control makes it possible for businesses to design and print personalized access cards to guests. This can be quickly be done via the Nova software.