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All products: Access control, booking, info-screens, elevator and alarm integration and much more in one operational system.

The Flexair® concept

FlexAir® is an access control system build to provide flexibility, high quality and high security. The system consists of readers, centrals, and software, which all come in
various forms and sizes and can be combined to fit your needs and wishes.

Flexible, secure and user-friendly

Prima’s FlexAir® access control system is flexible, secure and user-friendly. Flexible, because its thoughtful design and quality components make it almost infinitely upgradable. Secure, because it includes tried-and-tested hardware and state-of-the-art software. And user-friendly, because it’s been designed around the needs of those tasked with administering it – first and foremost.

Expand your system to manage new needs

The entire system can be expanded to cope with additional entrances and exits, to manage any combination of standalone and on- and offline doors, and to control the comings and goings of one to 100,000 people. Regardless of the size and functionality of the system you choose, you can be guaranteed that it will always share these features – and the same components – ensuring that it never becomes obsolete.