Prima’s partners and references around the world

Below is a list of Prima Systems’ customers from around the world. If you need a customized solution or wish to learn more about our best implementations, contact us on

tcs logo reference - References


Germany // Serbia // Austria

Since 1995, TCS AG has developed and produced system technology for building communications – from simple door communication systems to complex systems for several hundreds of flats. TCS AG is a globally operating company putting associated innovations into practice and has a broad product portfolio varying across audio and video door communication systems, BUS and IP systems, access control, signage, and much more. TCS AG has more than 250 employees in subsidiaries from Iceland to Australia and from Singapore to the headquarter in Genthin, Germany. Their team of experts aim to make the life of electricians all over the world as easy as possible.

Serbia – Trackworktime

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scantron reference - References


Denmark // Sweden

Scantron has since the 1980s been developing professional solutions that welcome everyone and control access to all types of properties. Scantron produces complete solutions within access control, door communication, fire communication and mailboxes. Scantron’s solutions are based on own development and innovation and are made in close cooperation with European vendors, who live up to high quality standards. They cooperate closely with contractors, engineers and installers to establish the most attractive solutions for property owners and users.

edenpark reference - References

Eden Park


Eden Park has since 2004 been a prominent player in the Danish market for quality mailbox systems. Eden Park offers a great variety of mailboxes and can customize solutions to fit customer needs and deliver solutions to both corporations and housing associations. Eden Park sells both traditional, customized and digital mailboxes with digital nameplates and electronic locks. The digital mailboxes allow for complete solutions with access control systems, where readers, centrals and mailboxes run on the same software.

qualitronic logo - References



Qualitronic is a Norwegian import and trading company with door communication systems as their expertise. They supply a wide assortment of door intercom systems with both audio and video products with traditional components or for smartphones. Moreover, they also sell access control systems.

UTT logo prima - References


United Arab Emirates

UT Technology is a smart solutions company that provides Smart Home solutions and smart office services. UT Technology commits itself to transforming your life into a smart lifestyle with their Smart Home solution. UTT’s Smart Home solution enables you to control everything in your home from lights, audio and curtains to the intercom and security system. The Smart Home solution’s innovative software also enables you to call for a meeting or prayer and send reminders and greetings – from wherever you are in the world.

Our partner in middle east is Emission Trading, go to our website to see the contact details.