Product brochures

Nexus Online Readers – Secure Thinking

Prima software and solutions

Complete locking system EvoLock-SensoLock®

Remote control reader

Elevator controller

GSM gateway

Nexus offline controller

Software brochures

FlexAir® – Alpha Centrals and Nova Software

Concept brochures

100% Access Control with FlexAir®

Simpli – Access Control Made Simple

FlexAir® Flexible integration

Prima small and large installations

NovaDrive® – a digital building concept

Product cards

Product cards

Prima Alpha central

Prima MiniCloud

Prima Nova 3.0

Prima Nexus reader

Prima integration

Prima Booking

Prima High Security Module

Prima info screen

Prima EvoLock® handle

Prima SensoLock® cylinder

Prima Wireless Online

Prima locker locks

Prima padlock with SensoLock®

Prima parking solutions

Prima remote control reader


Alpha central

Alpha Parking Controller

Mounting rack

Alpha info screen driver

Booking terminal


Nexus readers MW, PW

Nexus Readers MKW, PKW

Nexus Reader KSW

Nexus U

Nexus MO 1-door controller

Nexus Exit Sensor

Vandal shield for Nexus readers

Identification units

Info screen

GSM Gateway 4G



SensoLock® Locker Lock

SensoLock® low power adapter

Wiegand interface

Pro remote control reader

Pro remote control with 2 buttons

Pro remote control with 4 buttons


DIN-rail cabinets